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InternetDesign&Marketing is a company engaged in the promotion of your business.
Curaçao is the largest island of the Netherlands Antilles and has an area of 444 km ², with approximately 152,000 inhabitants.

You'll think that it is a small island, but most inhabitants of our island do not experienced it this way!

Especially when it comes to shopping.

The island has a semi-arid (= dry and arid) tropical climate that is mitigated a little by the northeast . This means lots of sun and little rain.The average annual temperature is 27.5 ° C.

In Curacao, we have some (small) Shopping Malls and many stores across the island. That means that if a customer wants to buy something and does not know exactly where can buy this, he pretty much has to drive over the whole island to find a "perfect match".

Taking into account the above-described temperature, fuel and especially the precious time of your potential customer such phenomena as an inconvenience and very unpleasant experience.

The purpose of InternetDesign&Marketing is to bring your product as close as possible to your potential customers. We want to do this especially for the shops that are not so well known to potential customers.

You may have also experienced that as a customer when you were looking for a certain type of shoe, trousers, handbag, telephone, washing machine, chair, car or whatever you're looking for and do not know where you can get it.

After driving around the whole island you return home with empty hands or with something that actually does not meet your requirements.

We promote your store, We do this by keeping your customer regularly informed of developments within your company.  

This includes:
- Introducing your company to the customer (name, address, phone, fax, e-mail)

- Route description (with a map)
- Display your collection with photos (weekly / monthly) Rebate promotions
- Promote extra services your company offers
- A digital newsletter (e-mail marketing) that is the ideal way to inform your customers.
1. Keep your customers informed about the latest news from your company
2. Use e-mail to alert customers to offers
3. Keep "prospects" posted on products, in which they have expressed interest.
4. Invite customers via e-mail for an online customer satisfaction monitor.

E-mail marketing is innovative, fast and inexpensive!
E-mail reduces the cost per contact drastically. This allows more frequent contact with customers and prospects. It strengthens the relationship with customers and start new relationships with prospects. A digital newsletter is the scope of your product much more quickly and your reputation grows. The measurability of e-mail enables you to improve the quality of your communication with each newsletter. A digital newsletter redirects your relationships to your website where you can inform and encourage the purchase of a product or service.


This can be done through:
- Your website link to our main website
- Creating a website for your company that customers:
- Get to know your business
- Use a search engine to find a specific item within your company.
- Your website is then linked to the main website of on-line Curacao Shopping Center and is regularly maintained by our highly experienced "webmaster"
Potential customers can search by product or just choose your store and see what your business currently has to offer.

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